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Cake Policy

Note: Wedding cakes are served in the Hartselle Alabama area, up to a 30 mile radius. 

We require a $50 deposit on all wedding orders. This secures the date for your wedding, and is credited to the remaining balance. Without the deposit, your date is not secure. We cannot hold open a date without a deposit.

Final Payments:

All wedding orders must be paid in full 2 weeks before the event. If payments are not made by that date, your cake order could be cancelled. Molly Moo Cakes does reach out to each customer with a "friendly reminder" calL within this time frame. All payments must be recieved at the bakery. We will not accept payment upon delivery. Note: Molly Moo Cakes does not accept personal checks.


All custom cake orders, including but not limited to weddings, are non-refundable.

Outside Event/ Climate Control:

Any cake placed outside or in an area that is not climate controlled during an event has the possibility of melting or deforming due to the heat. We are not responsible for a cake once it has been delivered or picked up. We make every effort to ensure your event is flawless, but have no control over mother nature.

Listed below are the guidelines we use when making a delivery to an outdoor venue:

  • Molly Moo Cakes will arrive at outdoor or non Climate controlled venue approximately 1-2 hours before the event. Best arrival time is one hour before the wedding. This limits the chance of melted buttercream and insect activity.
  • Molly Moo Cakes informs the customer upon ordering of scheduled delivery time. Others may also be informed, such as a wedding planner, but informing the ordering party ensures the primary person is aware of expectations. It is also your responsibility to ensure the venue is accessible (unlocked) for delivery and set up.
  • Molly Moo Cakes will flash cool the cake before frosting it. Outdoor temperatures and direct sunlight can melt buttercream fast. Even if it's cool outside, direct sunlight can damage and melt the frosting.

The Yummy Factor:

All cakes are baked 12 hours or less before the wedding date. Most cakes are stacked and decorated on location. All cakes are flashed cooled to help keep frosting from melting. All cakes are frosted with Molly Moo Cakes buttercream, using real butter. We call this the Yummy factor.


All cake deliveries incur a minimum $50 delivery and set up charge. Exact price is determined by size, complexity, and location of event.


If you choose to pick up your stacked cake and transport it yourself, Molly Moo Cakes is not responsible for the cake after it leaves the bakery. Please remember that cakes are fragile.

Here are some tips for picking up your cake:
-prepare your vehicle so it is free of trash, debris, or miscellaneous items that could roll or slide into the cake.
-ensure your car has an air conditioner that can prevent the cake from melting
-ensure your vehicle has a level surface on which to place the cake
-brake easily, drive slowly and drive carefully

Molly Moo Cakes does everything within our power to provide you a sturdy, well-structured cake. Sudden temperature changes, road vibrations, and common road hazards can cause cracking, shifting, or deformities.

Food Allergies:

Molly Moo Cakes is NOT an allergy free bakery. It is your responsibility to ensure your guests also know this. Please be advised that any item prepared in our facilities may contain allergens, such as milk, eggs, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, tree nuts, berries, and dyes. Even if the particular item you order doesn't include a particular ingredient, please be advised that it may come in contact with all allergens.

Logo's and Copyrighted Images:

Molly Moo Cakes cannot duplicate logo's and images we don't own, or have a license for. Please understand if we must deny the duplication of certain logo's and images. We do have a license to create certain Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel and Pixar images and logos.