Sugary comfort from Alabama.
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About Us

Molly Moo Cakes is located in the warm-tastic town of Hartselle Alabama. We hand craft each treat with the best ingredients, just like mom taught us. We use real butter, pure cane sugar, and real chocolate. We create specialty cupcakes, cakes, brownies, truffles, cookies, petit fours, and many other sweet treats.

Molly Moo Cakes uses made from scratch family recipes passed down from great grandma, to grandma, to mom, and now us! Our custard based banana pudding and tea cakes are some of those treasured recipes.

Molly Moo Cakes is derived from a family of home cooks. Our family would gather at grandma's house to celebrate and eat delicious treats, created by moms and aunts in the family! Molly Moo Cakes now offers these recipes to you, and we hope you enjoy them!

Molly Moo Cakes
899 Highway 31 SW
Hartselle Alabama 35640